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 Our Vision

Regenerative | Smart | Efficient

Our vision is to lead the charge towards a more sustainable future by revolutionizing the recovery of strategic metals through the power of fungi and AI-enabled systems. Our startup aims to change the status quo by providing an IoT-enabled in-situ biomining solution, which is scalable, economical and environmentally friendly. 

Through the use of cutting-edge smart systems we strive to develop a robust fungal bioleaching process which is self-regulating. Our mission is to make strategic metal recovery and biomass synthesis accessible to a wider range of small and medium-sized enterprises, providing a community-centric solution that truly fosters social regeneration.

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Our Philosophy

“Design, if it is to be ecologically responsible and socially responsive, must be revolutionary and radical.”

V. Papanek (Design for the Real World: Human Ecology and Social Change)

Our Solution

Net-Zero Metals

FungAI was designed with strictly passive design principles and has a very low energy-intensity. The FungAI Biome uses smart-glass, which helps maintain a passively-stable ambient temperature within the geodesic-dome, which also serves to equalize the temperature throughout the internal volume. The transducers for the ultrasound and augmenting smart sensors, could be powered by a few solar panels, hence the energy requirements for the FungAI process are low. The fungi in focus are ones that produce epigeous & hypogenus sporocarps, which ensures that the non-metal by-products are value-generators and congruent with the eco-economy. 

Cyber-Physical System

FungAI’s cyber-physical ecosystem, which constitues the blockchain-enabled smart platform and the dynamic output process, enables it to rapidly reconfigure its processes and seize the most profitable revenue generator at any given time, thus mitigating metal price volatility risks. An example of this is the tandem conversion of the FungAI process by-product to higher-value derivative products such as Graphene.

Bio-Physics of FungAI

The initial concept utilizes a configuration of broadband ultrasonic transducers, which generate an acoustic excitation pattern on a custom-designed reed. This reed then excites a chamber, fashioned as a Helmholtz resonator, to frequencies in excess of 20 kHz, which serves to drastically accelerate bioaccumulation and bioleaching activity. Additional variants are also under-development, ranging from a modular unit to accelerate heap-leaching operations through to in-situ biomining. 


The FungAI system utilises a range of systems to enhance the intracellular and extracellular metabolites, which in turn can enhance ion permeability and metals bioaccumulation.


FungAI can also be tailored to deliver a very high amount of carbonaceous mycorrhizal fungi, which can be subsequently synthesised into functional biomass products: ranging from eco-friendly construction materials through to eco-friendly cosmetics.

Authors of FungAI

Who We Are

Aaron Middleton

Aaron Middleton

Founder & CTO

Casey Harper

Casey Harper


Why FungAI


Socially &



Primary Mining


Economical for Low-Grade Deposits

Our tandem process solution can mitigate risks against metal price volatility and ensures long-term profitability.


Low-Energy Process for Truly "Green Metals"

Passive design principles ensures our embodied energy remains low, which can reduce the embodied energy of critical metal-derived products e.g. batteries.


Community Engagement

Our solution is congruent with empowering local communities and ecological stewardship.


Smart Biomining

Internet-of-Things (IoT) enabled and Industry 4.0 primed, which is self-regulating and ensures future readiness.

Recycling Waste & Bioremediation


Cost-Effective Waste Recovery

Our solution is scalable to both small-scale municipal operations and larger centralized Recycling Centers.


Primed for Mixed Waste

Fully scalable to mixed waste environments, with metal-specific sequential chambers.


Biomass Conversion

Potential to synthesize mycorzhidal fungi into high-value by-products.


Technology Integrator

Our trading platform ensures that high-value metal products are reintegrated into the circular product economy. For example, pharmaceutical firms can readily source Indium for medical imaging technologies.

Current Phase: Lab Trials & Prototyping








Progress Update

We are currently in the process of initiating lab-scale trials and concept validation. Cooperation agreements with key institutions and industrial stakeholders have already been detailed. This would include academic and industrial partners within the following market segments:


  • Scalability trials for metal extraction efficiency
  • Biomass synthesis trials
  • Sustainable agriculture institutions


  • Primary ore mining
  • E-waste recycling
  • Bioremediation

If you are interested in being part of this journey, please feel free to get in touch. 

Recent Recognitions: FungAI was recently recognised by Impact Shakers as ‘Impact Startups to Watch”.

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